• Students MUST register for all their Modules in the beginning of every semester as applicable.
  • All other Modules which are not registered in the beginning of every semester may not be attended AND no examination results of such Modules will be recognised.
  • Should the Governing Council temporary or permanently suspend any student’s rights or privileges, or permanently refuse admission to any student, the student concerned shall forfeit all claims to refunds, reduction or remission of fees paid or payable to DAYDREAM INSTITUTE (this exclude Miscellaneous fees)
  • It is the responsibility of each student debtor to obtain financial statements and verify his/her account (s) on a regular basis
  • All student account enquiries should be forwarded to the Financial Officer without delay
  • Students and parents should under no circumstances deposit money intended for personal use into the Institute account.
  • Governing Council reserve the right to AMEND all fees payable to the Institute without prior notice